If you are new to R or are interested in learning more about it, here are some resources I recommend…

Getting Started

  • R Project: This site contains all the links you’ll need to download the role console, as well as a link to CRAN-the database of documentation for all available R packages.
  • R Studio: Like many other programming languages, there are user interfaces that interact with the R Console. The most popular is by far R Studio, which offers all kinds of flexibility in building scripts, creating visuals, and more. Highly recommend it. (And, yes, it’s free).
  • Datasets: This site contains a database of nearly 1,000 data sets for you to play around with. I highly recommend checking it out! CLICK HERE to directly download a csv of the databases.

R Blogs

  • R Bloggers: A feed of nearly 600 R bloggers on the Internet. The material ranges from rudimentary to complex. Someday, you may see me in here…
  • KD Nuggets: The most popular data science blog on the web.
  • R Studio Blog: The blog of R Studio offers a lot of useful updates on R as well as the R Studio interface.

R Tutorials

  • Quick R: A fairly comprehensive database showing examples of how different packages, functions, and applications work in the R language.
  • Analytics Vidhya: This data science consulting company offers a nice, free introduction to R.
  • Twotorials: 91 two minute videos showing how to do various things in R. Very cool!
  • Tutorials Point: This site offers a step-by-step introduction to R (as well as many other programming languages). What’s really cool about it, though, is that it offers a coding ground where you can experiment with writing code without having to actually download the R console.
  • YouTube: Perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective way to learn R, as with many other things, is simply to watch videos on YouTube. There are thousands available, but I would recommend those from Learn R, DataCamp, and Edureka.

R  Community

  • Stack Overflow: A Q&A website with a heavy focus on information technology. If you Google a question about R, you’ll likely find the answer here. If not, then you can ask it. The community is often more than happy to help.
  • Data Science Central: A sort of “social network” for data science professionals. Offers information on conferences, courses, and more.
  • LinkedIn: There are all kinds of groups about R on LinkedIn. Join one and participate in the conversation.
  • Meetup: Another great site for connecting with various communities is Meetup. I’ve recently joined the Cleveland R Users Group. You may be able to find an R group in your area.

R Courses

  • Udemy: This site offers a vast array of free courses on field mostly related to information technology. There are also many paid courses, but most of them are under $100. To get started with R, I would recommend this R Basics course. It’s free, and it’s a fairly exhaustive introduction.
  • Data Camp: If you’re serious about learning R, Datacamp is going to be your single most valuable resource. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The site has problems that you work through as you go through each course, and it really helps build your understanding over time. The investment ($29/month or $300/year) is totally worth it. If you’re unconvinced, Data Camp lets you start any course for free so that you can see how it works. Trust me: you’ll love it.
  • Coursera: This site offers a broad array of courses and specializations for data science and all sorts of other fields. What’s unique about Coursera is that the site partners with traditional academic institutions. Taking these courses can look great on your resume, but they do require a lot of work. For R, the best options available seem to be the Statistics with R Specialization from Duke University and both the Data Science and Mastering Software Development in R Specializations from Johns Hopkins University.
  • Udacity: This site is another site that focuses on information technology, but the courses are more intensive than those available on Udemy. Udacity is subscription based for most of its courses, but it offers a free Data Analysis with R course that could be beneficial.

R Certification

  • R Base Knowledge Assessment: This online assessment lets you test your knowledge of R over time, to get an objective measure on how well you’re picking things up. The test contains a database of questions that change every time you take it. You have a minute to answer each multiple question, so it’s kind of hard to cheat. There are about 20 questions, and you can select your experience level to have questions tailored to you. Very cool!
  • CAP: The Certified Analytics Professional designation from INFORMS is, at this time, the most widely known professional certification for data science. It doesn’t have anything to do with R specifically; instead, it tests general methodology involved in data analysis.
  • Edureka: Data Analysis with R certification is a 24 hour online training session spread out over several weeks. It’s highly respected and has been given rave reviews from those who have taken it. Cost is ~$400.

R Books

Date Publisher Author Title Pages List_Price
2016-12-25 O’Reilly Media Wickham, Hadley R for Data Science 518 39.99
2016-12-25 O’Reilly Media Gillespie, Colin Efficient R Programming 204 39.99
2016-08-08 CreateSpace Taveras, John R for Excel Users 212 18.00
2016-07-23 No Starch Davies, Tilman The Book of R 832 49.95
2016-04-20 Lulu Peng, Roger R Programming for Data Science 194 25.00
2016-01-29 Packt Beeley, Chris Web Application Development with R Using Shiny 194 39.99
2015-06-06 Manning Kabacoff, Robert R in Action 608 59.99
2015-04-13 O’Reilly Media Wickham, Hadley R Packages 202 39.99
2014-11-24 Wiley Crawley, Michael Statistics: An Introduction Using R 360 47.00
2014-09-25 Chapman & Hall Wickham, Hadley Advanced R 476 59.95
2014-08-02 O’Reilly Media Grolemund, Garrett Hands-On Programming with R 230 39.99
2014-04-13 Manning Zumel, Nina Practical Data Science with R 389 49.99
2013-12-29 Addison-Wesley Lander, Jared R for Everyone 464 44.99
2013-09-26 O’Reilly Media Cotton, Richard Learning R 400 34.99
2013-01-06 O’Reilly Media Chang, Winston R Graphics Cookbook 416 39.99
2012-10-19 O’Reilly Media Adler, Joseph R in a Nutshell 724 49.99
2012-06-25 For Dummies De Vries, Andrie R for Dummies 432 29.99
2011-10-31 SAGE Long, Jeffrey Longitudinal Data Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences Using R 568 103.00
2011-10-15 No Starch Matloff, Norman The Art of R Programming 400 39.95
2011-03-25 O’Reilly Media Teetor, Paul R Cookbook 438 39.99